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At this years Athletics competition we had 24 young people take part, they all had a great day and we managed to win the company section trophy for the 2nd year running. Read more below about what 3 of our young people thought about the day.

At the event I did 200 & 400 meters which I didn't think I would be able to do, but I did. I also did the long jump. This event allowed me to do something different than playing Xbox and I actually found it more fun than Xbox because of how we were all there as a team. I was able to speak to more people including those from other companies, because the activities weren't about being competitive, but instead it was about teamwork and making friends.

By James, Company Section

The events I took part in included; running (60m & 100m), cricket ball throw and discuss. I enjoyed the cricket ball throw because I won. I did not like how we had to wait for a long time in between races.

By Joseph, Junior Section

I thought it was good, I got to do 2 track races and 2 throwing competitions and a relay! I won 2 of my races which was amazing. Our Anchors came 3rd which was great too, but we want to win next year.

By Enjai, Anchor Section

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