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Our Annual Display 2019 - Company / Senior Section

Our young people being awarded their Queen's Badge

The theme was superhero's, so we had costumes on to perform the drill. The drill was fun as my section swapped with the Clarke Kents to be superman.

Our activity was make and name your own superhero, this included audience members coming up to pick a name and logo for us.

At the end me and a couple other people from my section received the President's badge which we had been working towards for a year.

By Kurvanni - Company Section

Company section drill

Company section drill

At the display evening, I performed my display item by myself. I decided to plan and organise a superhero themed quiz that has both questions and superhero logos. These logos took hours and hours to complete within BBGA, club time and my own personal time. This is because I had to sketch outline and paint these logos which were then displayed on the wall during the event. At the display I received many badges, awards and certificates. It was here I received my Queen's Badge (the highest badge awarded in the BBGA).

This was an achievement within itself, because it takes a lot of time, dedication and commitment. You have a physical and skills section to complete and you can choose which one you want to spend 3 months on and which one you want to spend 6 months to do. You also have to do a minimum of 40 hours and volunteering inside BBGA and 40 hours volunteering outside the BBGA. However realistically you want to be doing more hours than this to achieve your 200 hour young volunteers award (this is what i hope to achieve in the next and my last display evening ever). So, yes it took a lot of work and dedication but you have the support of staff at BBGA and I thank them for the support they have given me. But, I am proud and happy I received this award.

Kelsi Leverington Poole - Senior Section

Our young people awarded their Presidents Badge

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