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Football Academy

Our company section team

Report by: Jaiden Lee-Own (Company section)

Well, first we warmed up by doing some training. I volunteered to be the goalkeeper throughout all of the training session. The football coach there was quite helpful as he taught many people how to cross and shoot the ball. Although many people found this useful,

because I was in goal, not many people scored on the training session.

When it comes to the matches (my favourite part) I was in goal again and our company section actually had a full team of people. When our first game arrived, everyone was quite stiff and when the opposing striker stomped through out defence I felt like I sprung across the goal trying to save the shot; but in reality I put one leg across, trying to save the goal. Eventually the team loosened up and I started to save many shots and our team scored many goals. Overall, we came 2nd place and I really enjoyed it.

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